Small Is Beautiful – live stream

Join us in one hour (5PM Irish time) to learn about:

- Small Web (a sneak peek at the tool we’re building that will enable anyone to get their own Small Web site in under a minute)

- Owncast (which we’ll be using for the first time to stream Small Is Beautiful) – please let us know how it is for you during the stream

We also have 5 Owncast t-shirts to give away thanks to @gabek


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@vincib @aral It points to a web proxy not passing along the websocket like the error says. It's why it says there's zero viewers.

@gabek @vincib Ah, frak, I hadn’t read all the way to the end earlier… sounds like it’s a problem on Site.js’s side. It should be proxying the WebSocket connections but clearly something’s wrong. Will take a look at it tomorrow :)

@vincib @gabek I have chat switched off for our instance at the moment but I’m assuming that shouldn’t log an error.

CC @gabek

@aral @gabek
Watching your stream right now and just FYI it's looking really great. Quality is great.

@aral @gabek Yeah looking good, good quality, audio sounds good.

@jos @gabek Thanks, Jos. If you don’t mind, whereabouts were you tuning in from and have fast was your connection? :)

@aral @gabek Toronto, ON, Canada. the ISP tells me 50mbps, but with 2 kids doing home school/video, and general internet weather, i'm not sure what the actual DL speed was.

@jos @gabek Cool, thanks so much. So the connection to the EU isn’t really much of a factor, I’m assuming. Good to know :)

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