@aral I'm watching and the stream is crystal clear, which is amazing to see. It says 0 viewers, but I'm there I promise! lmao

@aral FYI issues I mentioned in private chat I think are streamyard related and not owncast. And very possibly related to my set up, so don't sweat it

@voltur The zero viewers thing may actually be an issue with Site.js not proxying Owncast’s WebSocket connection properly. Going to take a look at it tomorrow :)

@aral nice!

to your knowledge, is there a meaningful difference in watching the embeded video (on the small-*) event page and straight to the owncast page itself?

@aral you folk did a really great job of showing off and discussing what separates site/domain/owncast from the things that appear to exist in the same user space.

@voltur Thanks for letting me know. I was seeing zero viewers even in the administration panel.

I noticed this yesterday but thought it was an issue that had been fixed. Will follow-up on with Gabe and friends on GitHub issues :)

CC @gabek

@aral streaming too slow in India. Guess I will have to watch your archived video another day 😑

@ashwin_baindur Sorry to hear that Ashwin, I’m assuming that’s because of bandwidth issues as we’re not transcoding any lower-bandwidth versions. Will do next time (wanted to see CPU usage without for this one). Also, will experiment with using a remote storage provider with edge nodes, which might help. I’ll experiment with my S’updates so, if you don’t mind, I might ping you to help me test from India :)

@aral sure. I didn't understand a word of what you wrote, but am glad to help.


I tuned in at 15 past the hour and got a message that the stream was offline. Reloaded and it seems to be back. I heard you say "persistence" but then it cut out again.

My VPN may be doing funky stuff for Owncast streams. Let me turn that off and try again.

Yep, seems to work fine now. I'm watching you sign in to the admin panel. :D

@aral Hi Aral sorry to bother you, sorry I've missed it was the broadcast recorded, sorry I had to work😭

@nemo Hey man, no worries. Yes, it was recorded and we’ll make an announcement once the recording is up with captions and transcript :)

@aral Awesome ❤️ thanks mate 😎 🙏 👍

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