So it’s not just Palestine… while you can happily share a Coke with USA, you cannot with Russia.

Oddly, you CAN with the USSR (looks like they missed a trick there).

But what if you really want to share a Coke with Palestine?

Well, you can… just add an exclamation mark to the end ;)

Coca-Cola doesn’t think you should share a Coke with Palestine but they’re OK with you sharing a Coke with Nazis, racists & bigots.

(Among other things, this is because they’re not very good at basic string validation.)

@aral apparently also no Iran.

I guess everything that has US sanctions on it?


And that was how the greatest marketing team the world has ever known got Aral Balkan talking about their product. 😉

@aral "Communism" didn't make the cut, but it's not all bad. I'm disturbed by "Russia" being out, though

@aral looks like they're throwing everything into an "in review" bin now instead

@xmakina Hmm, odd, just tried and got the old behaviour…

@aral Just out of curiosity, what happens with /North/ Korea? Did they think to block that?

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