Irish police will have the power to compel people to provide passwords for electronic devices when carrying out a search warrant under new legislation.

This is a fundamental attack on basic human rights.

Compelling someone to give up their password is a violation of personhood.

If we fail to enact constitutional legislation that acknowledges the sanctity of the extended self, we can kiss our personhood goodbye in the digital network age.

@aral What could they do if you just say you forgot the password?

@Vurt_Konnegut Keep you locked up until you remember it?

In some jurisdictions, I hear folks have very good results from a swift blow with a blunt instrument to the knee.

While this is a law to take down, and depending on your theat model, only some forms of encryption offering plausible deniability are the answer. I know, I know, your passwords are something authorities should never ask for, but "the law" is quite different depending on where you are...
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