Oh, Twitter, oh, Twitter… you incompetent multi-billion dollar people farmer, you.

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@aral My abandoned account from five years ago reckons it follows nobody. Why they won't just suspend it is beyond me.

@thatbrickster Oh, I unfollowed everyone to remove the timeline and its shitty algorithm… it’s been, what, at least a month? And still everyday is an adventure in following counts :)

@aral probably some old implementation legacy thing where you are always following yourself, and the other view filters that out :D

@aral Counting is apparently difficult. See Microsoft’s version numbers of Windows or Xbox or EA’s version numbers for Battlefield or Battlefront. It must be an almost unsolvable problem.

@aral May I ask why you are getting so worked out for such little details?

@tommi Because the little details often shine a light on the bigger picture.

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