It used to be that when you read a newspaper, the newspaper did not also read you. When you watched TV, your TV did not also watch you…

Today when you read, over two dozen organisations whose trackers are embedded on the site also read you. When you watch YouTube, YouTube also watches you.

This is not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory, it’s simply the business model of mainstream technology. I call this business model people farming.

@aral It's particularly odd that The Guardian does this because it's funded by donations and a trust, rather than ads...

@aral if you do not want the newspaper to read you, then read news via an anonymizing aggregator such as

@rochelimit @aral RSS is one-way. Actually I’d like to have Web 2.0 functionality but in a controlled way. The solution is an anonymizing RSS feed aggregator with conversations, ranking and search.

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