Why does Mozilla Corporation exist?

Because Google (and Baidu, etc.) pay it ~ $500,000,000 a year

Why do Google (and Baidu, etc.) pay it so much?

Because it gives them access to track you.


But wait, “Mozilla Corporation?” What’s that? I thought Mozilla was a not-for-profit?

Mozilla *Foundation* is a not-for-profit. Mozilla *Corporation* is a half-billion-dollar for-profit owned by the not-for-profit.


PS. Don’t forget to donate to Mozilla, they need money.

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Mozilla is basically a not-for-profit/for-profit that protects/violates your privacy.

I don’t understand why some people are confused. It’s really quite simple.

Try librewolf. Its just like firefox, but without all the bad stuff (and a great community too) - fosstodon.org/@futureisfoss/10

@tristetropical @aral Pick your poison: Apple, Google, or Google-funded Mozilla. Everything else is an alternate UI upon one of those.

Or live with every major website (and Mastodon's web UI, etc) being broken.

I'd probably recommend something some WebKit (Apple, with others)-based browser: GNOME Web, Midori, etc.

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