Audio editor Audacity denies spyware accusation… our privacy policy was “written by lawyers, to be understood by lawyers rather than the average person”

Oh, reeeally? “We’re not spyware, you’re just too stupid to understand our legalese.”

Sounds like audacity hired Andrew Lee to do their PR.

@aral This is exactly how you become TikTok, their privacy policy is intentionally hard to understand so you won't know the tracking going on in the background

@aral Yikes! I wasn't aware that lawyers even get their own audio editing software. "Average" persons clearly shouldn't install Audacity 😂.

I can live with that, I uninstalled already.

I still don't see how banning under-13s is compatible with the GPL freedoms. GPL takes precedence over subsequent limitations, doesn't it?


@rochelimit @mray @aral I think GPL clearly specifies that the software may be used by anyone for any purpose. This restriction can be a GPL violation, but I can't tell, I'm not a lawyer.

(Also, did you mention me by mistake?)

@aral They used "we pay the lawyer to work for us, not you" as an excuse!

> "We don't know anything about our users."

At least they got that right.

@aral This is sad development. I really enjoyed Audacity and don't really know of a valid alternative. Do you?

@aral idk about you, but I would prefer not to have to hire a lawyer to understand the privacy policy of my audio editing software.

@aral ... how is "we want our software to only be used by people who can pay a lawyer to explain our privacy policy to them" any GOOD?

@aral ohhh…

> And individual Internet Protocol (IP) addresses were scrambled, using an encryption technique called hashing.

Well… sadly hashing isn't effective at all when it comes to IP addresses… that why you blind bits instead. But hey, at least they can be trusted with personal data, because they have lawyers!

@aral @sheogorath

In fact, the #GDPR mandates that privacy policies are written in such a way that they can be understood by laypeople.

Which is why what they're saying basically boils down to "our software is to be used by lawyers, not by average people".
@aral @sheogorath

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