Having both the browser console and the log output from the server always on on different monitors is really helping with my flow right now but goodness the place is starting to look crowded.

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@aral I’m impressed that you can see properly with day light from the background. I would get headaches after half an hour

@aral I used to have the console log on a second display as well, then I managed to get the console logs to be send directly to my IDE and the rest is history :p

@aral If if were me, I’d probably be tempted to close the laptop lid and replace the on-desk monitor with an ultra-wide. It also looks like time to consider using multiple desktops, with one desktop per activity. 🙂

I also recommend tmux if you aren’t using it already. That will enable you to split the same terminal window into multiple panes/tabs, and persist the same session between logins/SSH connections.

@jwildeboer Haha, I’m too easily distracted so I have to :)

Nice edit controller, by the way :)

@aral A bit crowded, yeah, but that looks like a properly cozy little setup

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