So Stripe integration in Domain is coming along nicely (please excuse the embarrassing lack of proper typographical hierarchy, it’s under heavy development and I broke the stylesheets) :)

What’s Domain?



PS. That’s the administration page, not what folks who want to sign up for a Small Web place will see. That’s currently this ;)

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@aral In keeping with your stated philosophy, have you considered moving the source repository off of a big web git host? :)

@anahata They are :)

iirc github(?) is just a mirror.

PS: @aral the source link on still points to an old domain that throws an HSTS error.

@sheogorath @aral Ah, great! I found the github repo by going to and selecting "view the source code" under Domain.

@sheogorath Thanks + sorry, yeah, I really need to fix that :)

@anahata I’m using GitHub to publish at the moment. Once I get Place deploying, each Place will have its own git repos. And we will build pull requests, etc., between places on top of the extensible messaging system.

@anahata (So while we have our own GitLab, I don’t see that as a long term solution. I don’t want to create our own mini GitHub – at one point we had hundreds of people on our GitLab before we shut down signups. I want everyone to have their own repos and for us to be able to collaborate as easily as we can on GitHub but without GitHub on our single-tenant places.) That’s the Small Web way ;)

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