So has blockchain cured Covid yet?

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@peter @aral Twice (because its platforms do not validate analog claims).

@aral vaccine cards should've been an nft. thanks obama

@aral I mean, we could use the used GPUs to build dykes, and use the temperature increase blockchain causes to weld them together.

@jens @aral Drying Dykes with Blockchain!

Build a blockchain mining rig in your cellar to get the moisture out of the walls!

@codeforchaos @ArneBab @jens *sigh* I’m beginning to think we might actually deserve extinction.

@codeforchaos @jens @aral 🙂
If you now get electricity from renewable sources, that’s actually not totally crazy.

But: „Why can’t I pay?!?“ — „It’s spring. No one needs heating.“

@aral NFT of a used tissue. No wait, just an image of that. And it's a 500-pixel JPEG.

No need to thank me for single-handedly saving every economy to ever exist.

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