Congratulations, Silicon Valley, you fucked up the web so bad folks are turning to PDFs.

Take a fucking bow.

@aral that actually sounds interesting... maybe i should make pdfs of my website as well

@devurandom @aral reading two columns on the web and most touch devices is undesirable

@devurandom @aral shit my tiny FOSS Android PDF viewer can't follow the 'hyperlinks'. Do not want.

@aral At least PDF is an open standard, I suppose, and not an opaque proprietary blob.

It's like the old days of Microsoft's website publisher, which just turned each page into a single big image.

A long time ago: Oh no, not a PDF, they're so slow; why can't it just be a website.

Today: Oh nice, a PDF, I don't need a monstrous second OS (web browser) to read it, and it's so much faster than the average website.

@aral In the article, they dismiss just not using that bad parts, and honestly, I don't understand. (Same reason I don't really understand Gemini) Why can't a site owner just not use the bad tracking parts?
Can't someone just set up a site, html3 or so, not embed Javascript, and tracking and all of the parts that they thing that they're avoiding with Gemini or, now PDF?

@murph @aral yes, i would prefer generating a static site from gemini content.

@murph They can. I have done. Make a site simple enough and you don't need JS at all.

@murph @aral yeah I'm not convinced. If we wanna get really apocalyptic, I can just use a text editor to read my static site and parse out the tags. PDF? Good luck

@aral I kinda like the epub export approach some people offer. The real™ "read later" solution I mean 😜

Isn't it more the other way round - PDF is getting really really good at its job of being a reliable portable document format?

@aral I’ve been saving offline copies of webpages with useful information as PDFs for years now, so this idea actually makes a lot of sense to me.

@aral That's ridiculous.

You are not forced to use all the tools, framework, JS or any 3rd stuffAsAService around to provide content on the web.

This post is just a false sense of subversion and fake rant.

lab6 got their 15minutes on HN i guess.

@hicks @aral I avoid most of this stuff when making websites and the result is very fast loading and usable. The problem isnt so much the tech as the people wielding it.

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