We take no pleasure in reporting that Jeff Bezos has returned to Earth



“Bezos’ 62-mile-high jaunt comes the same day as reports that an Amazon warehouse worker miscarried after being denied pregnancy accommodations while others are forced to piss in bottles to meet daily quotas.

Fuck. This. Guy.”


@aral ~100 km was not defined as "in space" by my textbook in space sciences back in university. The definition used was the altitude at which you could orbit unaided for 24 hours before atmospheric drag caused you to lose too much speed, which is 130 km. 100 km is big and round, sure, I guess that's what counts for bragging rights, but it makes the Bezos team's claims about Virgin Galactic not reaching space extra silly. (Penis team claims Virgin... too many bad jokes here...)

@aral Agreed- Bezos is the worst. He should stay in space where he, too, will have to piss in a bottle forever.

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