So Twitter’s apparently added a 30-second timer to delay sending tweets on their iOS app and they’re charging a subscription for it.

Such innovation.

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@hyperlinkyourheart @aral lmao it is concealed very well and marketed only as "undo" feature.
They will kill their realtime commenting which was kinda primary use case for many I think.

@charlag @aral Yep, it's not an undo at all it's just a delay for proofreading lol

@aral Remember: you can always make money by kneecapping something that works fine, and selling a "solution" in a premium version. YouTube Red advertises the ability to play the app in the background so that you can listen to music.

Reminds me of @mako 's work on Antifeatures:

@aral Delete message in Blackberry BBM how many decades ago? :grin:
The curse for a freemium model is when the main use case works well in free and premium features don't add much value.

@aral Such generosity too, out of the goodness of their hearts no doubt. 🙄

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