Your daily reminder that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

Case in point: right-libertarian and far-right asshats hate Big Tech too… but for all the wrong reasons. We have NOTHING in common with those douchebags and they can fuck the fuck right off.

Well that’s three domains I’ve blocked so far so I’d say this post is doing its job :)

I'm not a feminist, but I am on their side against tranny faggots in female sports.

This is a dumb argument. Fight the bigger fight, worry about the small fry differences later.

@RacistZikaBaby … and that’s a domain block. Thank you for the heads up.

@aral @RacistZikaBaby
Aren't you for freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas? Blocking an entire domain because you're a faggot is exactly why people are against big tech. Oh, I’m all for freedom of speech. Freedom of speech doesn’t imply that you have a right to compel anyone else to listen to you.

On that note, having taken a quick glance at your instance. Oh, boy! Instance block #2.

@aral They may also hate BigTech, not be especially in favor of capitalism and may also come from poor backgrounds where they have experienced various common hardships. These are all points of overlap which the far right try to leverage.

@bob I’m not sure I’ve yet met a right-libertarian who hates capitalism. I mean it is essentially synonymous with libertarian capitalism.

@aral @bob I think there is the "trad" faction of old skool nazis, typically not American, who are either anticapitalist or ambivolent towards it, and just want to live in an ethnostate under their preferred dictator.

@bob @aral

there seem to be many in Europe who accept a certain amount of socialist policies (state benefits, public services etc) but also combined with strong government, a patriarchal society and a dominant religion, provided the govt allows or even encourages certain things like car culture (such as allowing 140km/h on new motorways, or even unrestricted speed)

@bob @aral

whilst there are obvious parallels with 20th century Fascism; there are also important differences, such as a much wider tolerance of fashion, music and aesthetics, less overt militarism and some acceptance of personal recreational drug use, which means its a lot easier for young men to get sucked in to these mindsets and the fash can even infiltrate and co-opt originally inclusive subcultures such as the rave scene (I saw this slowly happen throughout the 90s and 00s)

@bob @aral

on the American side, there's the powerful strain of identification with the rebel/cowboy/hippy anti-authority, stick-it-to-The-Man independence that has cleverly been appropriated over the last half-century to the clear detriment of those very same would-be rebels & to the benefits of those against whom it seems the ought to be opposing

@aral @bob the problem with right-wing libertarians is they are interested in negative freedoms; the freedom to coerce and better exploit others. In realty their vision is neo-feudalism. Humanity actually tried living the libertarian''s "contract society" ideal in medieval Europe, and we saw how that actually worked out.

@aral I don’t like the 2d politics scale. I think its wildly inaccurate and really has no real-world crossover.

That said, I’m apparently somewhere on the RIght-Libertarian area. Here is why I’m not a douchebag.

I hate big tech because as a Libertarian I hate coercion. People being as free as possible to make their own choices is my first and primary concern — while big government uses violence as its method of coercion, big tech uses other means, vendor lock-in, monopolies, cartels (social media forms a secret cartel, for example), etc.

If you think individuals being the most free to make their own decisions in their own lives makes me a douchebag, I’m pretty sure that YOU are the douchebag and that YOU should fuck right off.

@shebang Read this – If, afterwards, you still identify as right-libertarian, then yes, please feel free to fuck off (or just say the word and I’ll block you to save you the trouble).

@aral This guy is making up his own definitions of things. He isn’t an authoritative source of what these words mean, and absolutely isn’t authoritative on what people like me believe.

But let me tell you something, you’ve got one hell of a chip on your shoulder, and a really nasty fucked up attitude.

So, let me put this bluntly: you are an arrogant fuck who doesn’t know jack shit about jack shit and I really couldn’t give a crap about whether some pompous dumbass blocks me.

In short, get fucked.

@shebang @aral You aren't a REAL anarchist if you support any form of hierarchy! Parents setting bed times for their children is LITERALLY fascism, families are oppressive hierarchical power structures!

@galena @shebang @aral while this has the risk of going into "real Scotsman" territory, I will simply add that all true anarchists hurl petards with the left throwing arm, not the right ;).

@aral Fuck, I read the replies to your post. Bad idea. Oh my god.

@xiroux Yeah, you know what they say… “never read the comments” ;)

@aral Yeah, those instances have an terrible history of trolls. My instance has already blocked them for other abuses.

@aral I like Marjane Satrapi's quote "The difference between you and your government is bigger than the difference between you and me". I think it's okay and even necessary to work with people that you don't like to achieve social change. People are not always as political as you think, a lot depends on sociability and life circumstances.

@aral "I hate big tech because of the way they violate user privacy, consent, and agency"
"Dude, I hate that they banned me for my use of racial slurs, we should hang out"

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