So my initial tests for the new Node + Svelte server using a custom ECMAScript Module Loader (experimental) for server-side rendering and esbuild for compiling/linking the hydration script are very promising so I’m going to go ahead and start on the project properly.

(The timings are for a page with a layout and server-side code executed during the request that’s passed as a prop.)

Thinking of calling it (guess what the domain will be) ;)

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Basically, this approach attempts to make use of native functionality as much as possible (the ESM loader) and, along with esbuild, means that the server itself won’t have to deal with the complexity of dependency graphs, etc. Which, in turn, I hope, means that it will be a modern server-side rendered workflow that you can actually conceptualise and understand all aspects of. And: no scaffolding or build necessary + the same simple deployment as with Site.js.

Planning to implement a documentation-driven development process and will be sharing my progress as I go :)

@aral Very cool! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create on the way!

@jens I do love the idea behind literate programming (and did play with it a bit with literate coffeescript some years ago) but no, this is literally just writing the documentation first.

(Basically, just practicing design, really, but perhaps with a bit more fiction thrown in. What’s design anyway if not using the thing you’re making before you’ve made it?) ;)

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