Which name/domain do you like better?

(Please feel free to reply in words if easier and elaborate) :)

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Thanks for the feedback, folks, appreciate it :)

@aral I prefer because TLDs have meanings and nodekit very likely has nothing to do with Italy.

@aral nodekit dot dev covers the intention a lot better, and would cause less confusion when trying to direct people to it by word of mouth.

@aral domains always sound a bit strange in my head when the TLD is part of the name.

@aral NodeKit is clearer eventhough it may be longer.

@aral Actually I prefer nodekit dot dev, I voted for .it only because I’m from Italy sorry haha

@aral Personally, I'd not put the dot in the middle of a word, so in something like "" I might have gone for the .it domain.

@ejg Yeah, I know. There’s not much I can do about the fact that what should be public infrastructure is instead privately owned. (Domain names are a perfect example of artificial scarcity.)

@aral I like playing with TLDs but I guess I find it more annoying than funny and harder to remember

@aral “no deck dot itt” is the hurdle that I can't get past with the first one.

@aral really love the idea of small web. Aligns a lot with indie web too, don’t you think?

@aral Domain names aren't important today. Even if people perfectly know your full domain name, they'll type it in google's search field anyways 🙄

@aral @markus I’ve repeatedly seen multiple people type “google” into their address/search bar(s) (I think it was mistake to conflate the two, but here we are), click on the first result, and then enter their query on the page.

@aral I know! My wife is infected too. I tried to convice her at least to type the most common pages she knows into the adress bar, not in google's search field. She - proudly - demonstrated, that it works the other way round too. And that was the moment i gave up on this, i never ever again tried to explain that to someone. They don't get it.

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