@eugen Also it seems that turning off all notifications still results in notifications being sent.
(And the “no ones” option doesn’t make grammatical sense. Assuming that’s the option that actually turns off all notifications and perhaps otherwise you have to go through all options in the dropdown and turn them off separately.)

@aral For some reason, it seems @eugen isn't actually an address in that post?

@aral Your post has been favourited by nobody, boosted by nobody and replied to by nobody! You're lonely!

See the root toot on this thread ☝️
It is regarding Mastodon App for iOS.


@aral Which notifications are still being sent? Also, I don’t see a grammatical error with “notify me when no one favorites my post”, it may be a little strange but it makes sense with a dropdown. This is one of my favorite features of the app.

"noone" can be confused with "none", so I prefer using "nobody" on text.
I understand that "no one" was used with spaces to prevent this understanding but as @aral pointed out, it looks weird.

I suggest using "anybody" and "nobody" throughout the app.


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