Seriously, Facebook tried to buy a malware from a spying company to track iOS users?! I get it, it’s big tech, surveillance is their business model, but this… this is a new league 🤮

@cjk Facebook is malware. People farming is digital feudalism. Silicon Valley is a rogue state.

@aral Look, I don’t disagree. I try to avoid big tech for ages, but this is a whole new level. This news seriously shocked me, even with all the revelations by Snowden at al.


@cjk We have a system that works constantly to apologise for those with wealth and power so it’s not surprising. Is Facebook socially unacceptable today? No. Not by a long shot. When someone goes to work there, do they get scorn? Nope, they get praise. When someone sells their startup to FB, what happens? They get congratulated. Once, there was a cigarette in every hand. Then came the surgeon general’s report. Big Tobacco is still a thing but perceptions have changed. We need the equivalent.

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@aral @cjk there no longer is a concept of public shame in America. Just look at the GOP...

@aral @cjk I've been thinking about how "responsible" investment funds exclude the various "sin" stocks like tobacco, weapons, porn, alcohol, bad human rights etc [1]. But I haven't seen one that excludes parasitic surveillance capitalists yet...


@bigblen @aral @cjk indeed I looked up for financial products before with this kind of constraints but unfortunately what you usually end up with gets meta. Typically to avoid all "bad" things you get ... banks because they themselves have apparently no impact as they just play with numbers. How convenient. I'd be curious to see analysis that go beyond 1 level of abstraction because this practice, finding labels e.g ESG, to facilitate investments looks more and more like ethics washing.

@aral @cjk i think the congratulation is secondary to the Brinks Mat truck that Facebook backs up on whoever they buy shit from... but, yeah

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