Apple’s plan to have your devices snitch on you violate a fundamental trust and create a terrible precedent: that your device is not yours and that it does not work for you. This is not about protecting children, it is about gay people and other persecuted minorities, activists, etc., who will eventually be prosecuted in certain jurisdictions. It backdoors e2e encryption.

The Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights has never been more relevant.

(There are two easy ways to backdoor end-to-end encryption if you control either the signaling or one of the ends.

The first, if you control the signaling, is to simply add another end into the conversation and not tell anyone about it. Any centralised messaging service can implement this.

The second, if you control one of the ends, is to do what Apple plans to do: look through the data after it has been decrypted and have the end take some sort action based on what you find.)

Basically, if Apple implements this, it means your phone is no longer your own.

Every iPhone and iPad will come with parental controls activated. The parents, in this case are Apple, and your national government.

If you, yourself, are a parent, you will have the option to activate a second level of parental control for your children so you are notified if they share nude images. In some cultures this will lead to a stern taking to. In others, it will lead to honour killings.


When I wrote the Universal Declaration of Cyborg Rights, I wanted to get people thinking about the kind of constitutional protections we would need to protect personhood in the digital and networked age.

I didn’t think we’d need them so soon. I thought we had more time.

But where do you even begin to get legislators to understand and act on such a thing in the here and now?



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