If you were to ask me who is a bigger threat to our human rights today, Google or Apple with these new plans, it’s Apple, without a doubt.

If you know anything about me or my work in the past decade you will understand exactly what that means.

I’m as shocked as you are.

I do not say this lightly or take any pleasure whatsoever in saying it.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that this line does not get crossed.

Nadim: the house is on fire, please help me douse the flames.

Some FOSS folks: I don’t think this water is kosher. I’m sorry, I can only help you if you use kosher water to fight this fire.

Yes, the open letter is on GitHub. Priorities, people! Priorities, FFS!


@aral hi. We wanted to sign this as we agree with all you have been sharing on this topic . When trying to do so we end at GitHub . Isnt that a subsidiary of Microsoft? Do you know another way? Sorry to ask...

@antipodescafe I don’t know, sorry. I guess you have to act according to your priorities. Maybe contact Nadim directly and ask him to add you. Although I can imagine his hands are full and he probably doesn’t have time to verify each person is who they say they are.

@aral thanks. We were confused with the Microsoft part... 😃

@aral Well... I was among the first people to sign, but I'm sad that it's on GitHub tho...

Not because of FLOSS shit or whatever, but because only privileged tech-savvy people can sign it, and not the people that could really be on threat with that new plan from Apple. "Normal" people won't create a freakin' GitHub account to "sign" (by opening a ticket).

And it's also a really bad strategic move. This "petition" won't reach the mass and will look insignificant...

@skynebula I agree with your points but, on the other hand, it’s not insignificant given the limitations and especially considering who the audience are who are signing. This letter has a lot of value specifically because it’s not just people they can waive away as clueless “muggles” who don’t understand the tech and got spooked by some “fake news.” So I can see why it being the way it is also lends it legitimacy.

@aral Apple violating privacy on iCloud doesn't mean it's suddenly OK to let Microsoft violate our copyrights. I do no business with Microsoft. Zero. Fuck those guys.

And I nuked my account, couldn't do it if I wanted to.

@mdhughes I don’t disagree. And if you nuked your account, you nuked your account. Fair enough. But if you still had it, I’d repeat: priorities :)

@aral also: why would Microsoft take down something criticizing Apple?

@nev It’s more that folks have an objection to it being on GitHub because Microsoft. I get that. But, again, priorities!

@aral No, I get what you mean, I think it's a silly objection. But strategically speaking it can often be a bad move to post things like that on a site you don't own, because the corporation can pressure the host/owner to take it down. Seen it happen with Medium etc. *That* would be a valid concern, but probably not an issue in this case.

@aral there are non-"It's Microsoft" reasons to think GitHub is a bad idea. GitHub is not particularly known for respecting your privacy. (Where in the signup process is the switch that turns on the "broadcast all of my activity to everyone" feature? Where's the switch in the settings that lets you turn it off?) In this regard, GitHub is worse than not just Apple, but even the companies that are traditionally considered a name brand for evil like Facebook...

Exactly, priorities, don't stay inside a house that is on fire!
The only way to stop this bullshit is to stop supporting it in any way.
Stop buying their products/services, stop providing your apps for their OS, stop providing repair services for their devices, stop helping people to make themself slaves of those companys.

Begging your master to stop the whipping will not free you from slavery. Is it easy to free yourself? No, but the longer you wait, the harder it will get.

@JoachimM @aral

Aral's analogy of a bridge between the "where-do-I-click" billions of muggles and the FOSS community, for people to walk across, is very useful. I still have a github account and use my icon+profile to state why the 60M (not 10^9s) should leave github.

Declarations of purity are fine, but concrete work (or cash) contributions to and in creating new community git repository servers will help make "our island" a more effective alternative.


@aral I nuked my GitHub account. Right on time when THAT thing was on fire.

Am I in the "Fair enough" – or in the – "Kosher water" camp now?

Let's just hope Apple won't have a petition platform when Windows11 is on fire, I guess…

I think many people can see the irony of using a commercial platform for this stuff, and I question the wisdom of doing it this way -- but that does not invalidate the cause.

There's many petitions to governments on (commercial platform), when most governments have their own sites to create petitions with (at least some) legal power. I'm not happy with that, but somerimes the alternative is nothing. Some issues are more important/urgent than this.

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