Mark my words: Apple’s plans to have teenagers’ phones snitch to their parents will result in honour killings in places like Turkey. Women and queer people will get murdered because of this. I truly hope Apple reconsiders starting down this dangerous path.

I went to sign the letter of objection to Apple's move to put a backdoor in e2e encryption. 'Course I did. But it requires a gitHub acount for validation of signatures. I mean, cmon, how nerdy is a citizen spose to be? How come won't old fashioned email won't do.

I know digital identty is a maze. But gitHub as a norm? Won't do. As bad, in its way - tied to a mega platform - as Google or Twitter validation. And of course - who owns gitHub? Can't the fediverse do better than this.


@mike_hales I hear you. And also: priorities. And also also: please do better or organise a project where we can do better or find people to organise a project to do better. Nadim is at least doing something.

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