Over 7,000 people have now signed the open letter against Apple's privacy-invasive content scanning and notification plans on GitHub.

Have you?

What’s at stake? Read this:

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@aral Signing requires a GitHub account apparently, which I don’t have (anymore). So no, I didn’t sign it.

@obsolete29 GitHub is owned by Microsoft and I prefer to keep Microsoft and affiliates to work-related stuff only (where we use git very barebones with internal repos).

@elieuw Right on. What do you use for version management on personal projects?

@obsolete29 let’s not use this thread by @aral for this. I am pretty sure it already has too many words that are on his blacklist already :)

@aral since you mentioned just wanted to know your view, since GitHub is used for signing aren’t we missing bunch of people without account mostly non developers? Overall a good step no doubt about it. Some noise is warranted.

@garow Think of it this way: Apple can dismiss the general public by saying they don’t understand the technical details… how are they going to dismiss thousands of developers and other technically fluent folks?

@aral That’s a very valid point, hope it works out well.

@aral @garow I dunno, seems like Apple has gotten pretty good at dismissing developer concerns....

@smoliva @aral I’ll like to be positive on this but I won’t deny I do have some reservations, it’s hard to twist arms of tech giants but miracle do happen that it would be 😀

@aral Dismissiveness works. For example California's health authorities, when asked how they decided their Covid "tier system" rating for the state and it's counties, told the Guardian and global media it was being kept confidential because the public wouldn't understand it. Still no one questioning that insult to the public's intelligence, then there's this recent NYTimes 'opinion'🤣 @garow

@jautero @aral Already too much of discussion on the thread, I’ll shall take a pass. Technically astute or not, iRoboCop v0.0.1 (The CSAM thing) is coming like it or not.

@garow @aral people wanna sign it but put it, or a copy of it, somewhere that isn't github. Please. I don't use apple, though i agree with the letter. I wanna avoid using ms if i can. But i wanna sign it. This is why we need forgefed...

@ailurocrat @aral it is what it is you will have to make an effort here to sign if you believe in the cause. You don’t like MS who does 😀.

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