Over 7,000 people have now signed the open letter against Apple's privacy-invasive content scanning and notification plans on GitHub.

Have you?

What’s at stake? Read this:

@aral since you mentioned just wanted to know your view, since GitHub is used for signing aren’t we missing bunch of people without account mostly non developers? Overall a good step no doubt about it. Some noise is warranted.

@garow Think of it this way: Apple can dismiss the general public by saying they don’t understand the technical details… how are they going to dismiss thousands of developers and other technically fluent folks?

@aral That’s a very valid point, hope it works out well.

@jautero @aral Already too much of discussion on the thread, I’ll shall take a pass. Technically astute or not, iRoboCop v0.0.1 (The CSAM thing) is coming like it or not.

@garow @aral people wanna sign it but put it, or a copy of it, somewhere that isn't github. Please. I don't use apple, though i agree with the letter. I wanna avoid using ms if i can. But i wanna sign it. This is why we need forgefed...

@ailurocrat @aral it is what it is you will have to make an effort here to sign if you believe in the cause. You don’t like MS who does 😀.

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