Elementary OS 6 is now out!

I’ve been running version 5 for the past year on the precursor to the StarBook ( as my daily driver and I love it.

Congrats to @cassidyjames and @danrabbit and everyone else who worked so hard for so long to make this happen.

Note: if you buy the new StarBook, not only will I be jealous but the elementary folks will get a cut. You can also sponsor them on GitHub:

@aral @cassidyjames @danrabbit ooh nice. How does it compare to PopOS? I'm currently on POP for my daily work computer, but like the look of Elementary.

@david @cassidyjames @danrabbit Pop updates faster and has features like tiled windows. Elementary moves slower (not necessarily a criticism) but is also building an ecosystem that could sustain indie devs (see the elementary store). I moved from Pop to Elementary and I’m happy here and happy to support their mission to create an alternative ecosystem to Apple, Google, etc., not just for folks who use it but for developers too. Pop is great too but their mission is to sell computers :)

@david @cassidyjames @danrabbit PS. Check out the Small is Beautiful episodes with Dan and Cassidy, if you get a chance on :)

@aral do you use the default mail application? Does it work for you?

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