Look, I think you’re all being quite unfair: Apple Inc. does not bow down to government pressure… unless it negatively affects their bottom line.

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@aral the govts and feds are big customers of Apple as well; they have more clout than the average individual.

I remember in late 2000s when my antifa friend from Denmark was saying how Apple gave more privacy - the same same year they (along with outside contractors) built a custom CCTV control room in Copenhagen using the exact same (or even better) Mac based systems he used , which was used to successfully surveil and dilute protests at the UN Climate agreement.. >>

@aral ofc its also easy to greenwash the CCTV scheme as how they keep the varying types of road users (pedestrians, cyclists and drivers) safe in Copenhagen and there may be some truth in this; but its also a chillingly effective panopticon - likely to be still in use (probably updated) to this day - it also outlived my friend as cumulative physical and mental health issues resulting from decades of activism (and sometimes even physical conflict) claimed his life in his early 50s..

@vfrmedia I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing.


@aral Thanks Aral - he was one of the first people who told me about the Fediverse 10 years ago and its a great shame he didn't live to see it become more popular and usable..

@aral I was a little shocked to see that the Brave browser is not privacy-aware (as mentioned in your article). Isn’t there any privacy-respecting browser for the macOS environment?

It seems that Tor Browser is the only viable candidate for privacy-respecting surfing the web.

@naii See librewolf (privacy-hardened Firefox fork, easy to install and use), ungoogled chromium (hard to install), and epiphany (GNOME’s browser; doesn’t perform well enough for everyday use in my experience).

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