I know you’re probably sick of hearing me say it but once more, with feeling this time: No trillion-dollar company is your friend.

@aral No company with shareholders can ever be your friend. The law says that it must put profit everything else. All outward nice behavior must be *justified* with profit.


In Germany we've an adage: "If money is in the game between people, friendship will stop."

@aral You know I would say no company is your friend. Or very few of, if any. Because a company needs to sell stuff to you. You are their customer. So I think this relationship cannot be healthy, especially in the long run. I personally cannot trust any company, after years and years of seeing endless examples of companies going "offroad" and driving anywhere they want. And I wrote tons about it, with countless examples. idk....I cannot trust a company regardless of its intentions and "ethics". Eventually they will fuck things up :D.
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