Unless Apple backs down on this AND makes a firm commitment to keeping ITS nose out of YOUR device, there’s no way I’ll be recommending everyday folks buy Apple to protect their privacy.

Unless they make this commitment, there will no longer be any difference between Apple & Google. (Apart from the oddly surprising position I might find myself in as I recommend Google Pixel phones running GrapheneOS to some folks.)

You’re fucking up, Apple. You’re fucking up big time.

@aral It was extremely expected, given that Apple uses a walled and very closed-source garden for their smartphones. How did they manage to twist that into a privacy-friendly facade is, perhaps, one of the many examples of their patented Reality Distortion Field

@aral Well, there is still _a huge_ difference between #Apple and #Google:
Google's sole business model is harvesting people's data and selling what they've learned about it to the highest bidder.

Apple's business model is still selling devices (and services more recently) to actual _people_.

Saying that there is no difference is a belittlement of Google's business model, IMO.

#Privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism

@janriemer @aral

You dont need to rank. both companies are awful for privacy. There is no lesser privacy violator.

That said i understand why people may feel better with apple since its only two choices.

Sorry, but I don't see it as black and white...and I've stated my reasoning in the previous toot.


@janriemer @aral yes there's a difference in the business models but if Apple is running surveillance software on iPhones anyway does it really matter to the end user? Both companies are spying on you.

@aspie4K @aral Yes, both are spying on you, but one of them is shouting their collection of personal lives out to other third parties, while the other at least keeps it to themselves.

Which friend would you trust more?

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Privacy

@janriemer @aral

That's not how it works. Google doesn't actually sell your data to third parties. They run your data through algorithms that profile you and offer use of this as a service. The advertiser doesn't see all the info Google has on you. It'd be against Google's interests if they did, as rivals could use that data for themselves.

Same applies to Facebook etc.

@janriemer @aral

To answer your question if I had to choose a friend who spied on me openly and another who claimed to respect my privacy but randomly installed cameras in my house and told me I shouldn't worry if I have nothing to hide, I'd pick the first one. At least I know where I stand.

Ideally of course I'd tell them both to fuck off and go to my other friend Graphene who doesn't violate my privacy at all.

@aspie4K Yes, I know how it works, but thank you for the explanation, anyway.

I think we have different opinions on this and that is fine.

Thank you for the discussion.🙂

@janriemer Tell me about it… ;)

What you said (and what I wrote over six years ago) no longer have any relevance if Apple goes ahead with its plans.

The actual technique involved in violating your privacy is irrelevant. What matters is that your privacy is being violated.

@janriemer @aral But paradoxically to your thesis only android phones can be flashed with 100% ungoogled OS.
so apple has another way to make money. has it ever stopped a business from adopting a more profitable line of business when the opportunity arises? should exploitation of other lines of business make customer private data abuse more forgivable or tolerable? does it matter that the other lines of business are enablers of the abuse?

@aral What’s your take on GrapheneOS vs LineageOS? Can Pixels even be degoogled?

Wrote a bit about Pixels the other day.
#GrapheneOS was the first of a new wave of Android/AOSP based operating systems that keep the full security model of Android intact.
GrapheneOS makes significant improvements on Android security and takes user privacy seriously. Theres a steady stream of improvements
See the features
#LineageOS reduces security due to (generally) requiring an unlocked bootloader and shipping userdebug build @aral

@amcooper @aral GrapheneOS is much much more secure. And yes Pixels can easily be de-Googled. Read the GrapheneOS site for details:

@aral frustrating that alternatives are so limited too. Purism’s Librem phone looked decent but don’t know anyone that’s tried it.

@aral excellent post, and good recommendations regarding GrapheneOS too. Can't wait until the Pinephone is ready for daily use but until then GrapheneOS on a Pixel is excellent.

@aral hi, Aral, I learned a lot from GNU Project's web page Apple's Operating Systems are Malware

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