I wrote about the difference between Apple and Google’s business models over six years ago. I stand by my analysis. (

Over the years, I’ve told countless people to prefer Apple over Google as a mainstream stopgap. (Actual alternatives must be free/open and decentralised:

If Apple goes ahead with its latest plans, all that becomes irrelevant. If they do this, an iPhone will be inherently as unsafe as any Google phone. (

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What should really be worrying you (and policymakers, if only they carried the gene that expresses the ability to have a clue) is that we are effectively limited in choice to two trillion-dollar US corporations for the everyday technology that has unfiltered access to our most intimate and personal thoughts, the power to mediate our reality, determine what we can and cannot say, bound our agency, and redefine the boundaries of personhood itself in the digital network age. Who needs an army, eh?

You are totally right. But they are two because only zone would have be clearly a monopole. It' s a trust, planned carefully. We should exit from this fastly, for freedom and democracy.

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