Things I will be doing if Apple goes ahead with its plans to violate the sanctity of your devices:

- Remove Better Blocker from the iOS and Mac app stores.

- Stop recommending Apple as a privacy-protecting alternative outside of China (already wasn’t in China)

- Stop using an iPhone and not buy another Apple phone/computer (had already moved my daily driver dev machine to Linux three years ago).

- Not write another line of code for their platforms.

(Regarding the first note, there is no point attempting to protect you from web trackers if your phone or computer itself is violating your privacy. By keeping Better Blocker on the App Store if Apple goes ahead with its current plans to violate your privacy on your own devices, we’d be legitimising iPhones, iPads, and Macs as otherwise safe spaces which they won’t be if Apple doesn’t backtrack and make a firm commitment to not violating your privacy.)

Sales of Better Blocker bring in money every month that contributes to the survival of our tiny two-person not-for-profit but, if Apple goes ahead with these plans, we will happily sacrifice that income as we would no longer want to be in any way associated with Apple Inc., and lend our legitimacy in privacy to its platforms (in the same way we don’t associate with other surveillance capitalists like Google, Facebook, etc.)


Your security and privacy are only as strong as your root of trust. If you cannot trust your own device and its operating system to not violate your privacy and to only act as expressly instructed by you and, furthermore, only in your interests, then any “security” or “privacy” you layer on top of that broken root of trust is simply security/privacy theatre.

Either something is private by default or it is not private. Either your privacy is sacrosanct or it is not.

@aral This is why I find developments like Apple's M1 and Googles Tensor SoCs concerning. Also TPMs that don't allow installation of user derived keys.
The manufacturer has complete vertical control and you can't guarantee what back doors are or are not present, possibly right down at the silicon level.

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