Let me state it as clearly as possible so no one is confused:

## Doesn’t violate your privacy:

- Algorithms running on your own device, under your control and in your interests, and informing only you of the results

## Violates your privacy:

- Algorithms running on your own device, not under your control and against your interests, and informing third parties of the results

Do Apple’s plans for client-side scanning violate your privacy?


@aral it is really distressing that several thousand IT-professionals, academics and journalists simply TL;DR'd Apple's original message and/or are not able to process two concepts in a single post.


I am reminded of the quip: "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!"

@aral If I secretly go into your house every day without a warrant and search thru everything meticulously, but don't report anything until/unless I find 20 or more hair fibers, that doesn't make the illegal search any less illegal.

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