Join us live in 15 minutes for Small Is Beautiful. Our topic this week: One Bad Apple.

If Apple can no longer be trusted on privacy, what are the alternatives and how do they fare on topics like security and accessibility?

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@aral Apple stopped being trustworthy in 2004 when they took away my access on my own music to my own iPod and repeatedly killed my GnuPG config in Mail, making it ever more inconvenient to add it back. They control the hardware and the software, and even back then they did not act in my interest. Went downward on the slippery slope ever since.

@aral Great talk as always Laura and Aral

Is there a possibility to invite



Or all three at once to such a talk. IMHO this would be a w e s o m e :D

@nemo Thanks. And sure, all good suggestions. Whether they’d have time is another thing but we can ask :)

So sad I missed it... can't wait for the recording!

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