alias l 'exa -lh --git --all --octal-permissions'

You’re welcome ;)

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In case anyone’s interested, I also wrote a little something a few weeks ago about my fish shell setup and some other tools like exa that I find useful.

@aral Thanks for the reminder, finally installed exa! That git column is really useful.

Went with:

alias l='exa -lh --git --all --no-permissions'
alias la='exa -lh --git --all --octal-permissions'

Personally I too rarely need to see the permissions to justify the noise, but "la" will then show them including the octal if I need them.

@aral I now use lsd as a modern replacement for ls 😉

@aral but if one use fish as a shell instead bash, you have to adapt all bash scripts from #!/bin/bash to #!/bin/fish or something else.

How do you circumvent this problem?

@necrosis Nope. Your bash scripts with the correct shebang will continue to be run in bash, same as before. Your choice of interactive shell does not change that.

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