If you’re using elementary OS 6 (Odin), remember that if you want *non-curated* apps (i.e., apps that haven’t been created specifically for elementary OS) to integrate well with your system (e.g., dark mode, etc.) do NOT install them via AppCenter, use apt instead.

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(In fact, given how alien non-curated Flatpak apps installed via the AppCenter are, they should probably not even be there to begin with. It’s OK to say “these are the apps for our platform” and for everything else use apt. I mean, that’s what ends up happening anyway.)

@aral somehow I feel it's the same with Ubuntu and snaps. You get a weird 50/50 Roulette where it's often somewaht newer than in apt, but also sometimes just plain out doesn't work. I now avoid the "Software Center" on Ubuntu.

@aral silly question but is there a way to tell which ones have been installed which way?

@nev Not a silly question, and one of the infuriating aspects of not having a standard.

flatpak list and apt list are your friends :)

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