New Penpot Release! Penpot 1.7 - "Import to be Wild"

- Import & export Penpot files
- Resizing constraints
- Library assets management
- Paste components from file to file


@penpot Hey, sounds awesome :)

On a related matter: just saw your license is MPL. Aren’t you worried some VC will come, take your code and invest $5M of his money to make a closed/proprietary version. Did you consider licensing it under AGPL, which would protect you from this?

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@aral Hi! We're familiar with both AGPL and MPL licensing schemes and they are not that different in practice. Please see and Q8-10 & Q17 here Since the frontend part of penpot is significant and running such code constitutes distribution, this potential VC would still have to release all that code (whether unchanged or not) under the MPL.

MPL gives us extra protection over trademark that AGPL does not cover, which is a bonus.
As you know, this would constitute a type of fork and very few forks are worth the effort if you don't have access to the core team. Penpot's not a trivial platform to develop, you know. I'd suggest that VC to support the project AND the team.

@aral Our past experience with Taiga's AGPL licensing has shown us that there are copyright pirates out there that won't care about the license either way but in the end, it's too much of a reputational risk to do it in the open.

@aral Hope this helps. Thanks for your question. Good one! : )

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