Me: expresses frustration with unusable free software

Some random person on the internet: “you should not criticise free software”

Hey pal, I spend every coding minute exclusively writing free software and have done so for the past decade. Getting frustrated with things that don’t work IS what fuels me to try and make things better. It’s WHY you make things better. Hiding our heads in the sand doesn’t help us make better things, it makes us lose to proprietary crap. Fuck your thought policing.


And yeah, you know what, if you have a 15-year-old app that STILL doesn’t even meet basic accessibility and usability requirements while adding more whizz-bang features with every release, that’s not a bug, that’s a culture. And you bet it’s frustrating to experience and you bet I’m going to call that shit out. Because it’s toxic. And it represents the worst of privileged folks making technology… free, proprietary, or otherwise.

@aral I've had this very same conversation in free software events SO MANY times. It feels like constructive criticism sometimes isn't welcomed and covered by "the good will". I've been told that in many cases "small scripts end up being huge" well cool, that's why we design modular resources and plan in flexible ways so it is able to grow in the future regardless is me or not the future coder.

Not only that, but idk? Accessibility, comprehensive code, etc..

If our 'toxic culture' produces imperfect software, should we even share it?

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