Giving kids Chromebooks in schools is like serving them candy for lunch. It’s something you’d do if you were either clueless or hated their guts.

What I’m trying to say is stop normalising surveillance in schools, you absolute muppets.

@aral I wish there were a competitive open source platform with decent device management, that wouldn't cost a ton more than chromebooks and licenses. Unfortunately, papa google has really cornered the market there.

@aral @WillowMist Considering pine64's previous devices they'd probably expect the students to write the educational OS & software before they have a usable computer

@aral I absolutely love the idea. It would be so hard to pull schools away from the lure of the Web Store and the Play Store.

@aral Well, now having dug back into Pine64 and related stuff, I'm very close to ordering a PineTime dev kit.

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