The battles we’re fighting for our privacy aren’t just to make our phones and computers private places today. They’re to keep our homes, cars, and minds private places in the future. They’re to protect our personhood and stave off autocracy.

@aral Some days I feel like there is not much left to fight for or, at least, way less than what we would think.

It's so depressing to see how swiftly rights we took for essential are being thrown away, with the cheering of so, so many people convinced it is the right thing to do.

@yaglb I hear you and there are days I feel the same. But what choice do we have? We must fight. I can’t think of anything else I could do while this is still a problem.

@aral @yaglb

with cars we need to make younger people strongly aware of the loss of privacy; but its difficult as those below 25 are all nudged towards accepting a black box insurance policy with fitted tracker and the cost difference is as much as £200 less to accept the surveillance (which isn't even 100% reliable), but thats a lot of money for a young person, and the insurers are trying to encourage use of surveillance to all age groups..

@vfrmedia @aral @yaglb I'm under 25 and I believe the right to privacy is very important. But on the subject of cars there isn't really much choice, either buy a old car or a non privacy respectful one.

@aral @yaglb

an update to this: I since realised I've been mistakenly quoting the price premium between policies with and without spyboxes for *my* age group (albeit with me being a relatively new driver).

For a teen/young adult the premium difference is even more than £200 or many insurers refuse to quote at all if they don't take the spybox or give an obviously unaffordable quote (such as £3000 per year) to get round any anti age discrimination regulations...

@aral @yaglb

I can't get away with inventing non existent offspring as I would risk being banned from the comparison sites (they are all owned by the insurance industry share a lot of data even with competitors and each comparison triggers soft credit checks), but if anyone is younger and reading this and has a UK licence it could be interesting to try the sites and check the difference in premiums with and without telemetry (or if their age group means its insisted on)

@aral agreed. I am hoping after this year I will move onto doing more research directly in this area but I fear it will be a retrospective on how billionaires / corporations managed to destroy the usefulness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through our connected devices and cyborg selfs 😢

@aral You forgot about financial privacy. We could say that money is a tool of communication in the financial world. Who controls the money, controls that communication or vice versa. Cash is still the best app. Checking cash is harder than checking digital money in a bank account. Looks that crypto could replace cash in future.

@aral - I totally agree. It is us who are present now who must make sure that privacy will remain existing in the future, whether it is online or IRL.
Just think of all those who are born into this world from now on, and come to believe in good faith that there should be no privacy.
It's simply so sad to think about.

But you have said (to me) that "vaccine passports" are perfectly OK.

cognitive dissonance much?

@aral I'm genuinely happy in hindsight that I got a brand new car a few years ago, with the intent to keep it. Because what is on the market now, very little later, is massively invasive in comparison.

@jens @aral there's increasing reports in UK (where traffic laws are more strictly enforced) of people being grassed up in some form by their *own* car/dashcam for speeding/bad driving/DUI.

Alas, as these often happen when the driver has managed to clout something or even roll the car (thus triggering the E-call) the presence of the systems is portrayed in the media as a "good" thing (to be fair E-call does have some benefits but I'm still wary of "function creep") >>

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