Nothing like running the GTK4 demo and seeing homages to Facebook and Google.

What a sour taste that leaves in my mouth.

@aral gnome still offers syncing with FB and others, right?


@Dashtop afaik, yeah. They even refused my pull request to add FastMail to account setup in Geary and that’s when I stopped trying to contribute there. No time to waste with surveillance capitalism bootlickers and apologists.

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@aral @Dashtop How email apps should work today: You enter your email address & password. Only if it can't retrieve the other settings from the service (like Fastmail, there's a standard for this now) or a builtin database, then ask the user for them!

There! A cleaner, less-geeky UX that doesn't advertise email services which don't need more advertising!

Though even sticking to the current UX I don't see a valid excuse for dropping your pull request...

@aral @Dashtop In response to other responses on this thread: I quite like Wayland & clientside decorations.

Though it strikes me that GTK headerbars should be more open towards window managers which want serverside decorations... Doing so shouldn't be hard, that codepath adding the window controls is already conditional!

And I'll agree of top-of-thread: Yuck!

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