Just had someone DM me saying they got Google money for their NGO and Google might be terrible but taking their money doesn’t make your organisation bad. So I told them I could probably get them funding from Saudi Arabia and they went silent. I don’t understand… can someone explain it to me?

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@cjd Hahaha, this is how rumours start.

For the record, I don’t. And no thank you :)

@aral If you can find a way to take their money and still fuck them over, like Ted Roosevelt did, though, then cool.

@aral If you want to be an NGO, you need to master tunnel vision.

@aral The logical conclusion of a society constantly hammering that we are all, every single one of us, entitled to *whatever*. Using Google's money can't be bad, as long as it is *I* that uses it.

The same goes for violence and destruction, btw. As long as it is for an hypothetical noble end, people are more than willing to do a lot of harm to others if not to themselves. No need to look far: see how the right to privacy is being flushed down the drain because 'think of the children'.

call me naïve, but I believe it is possible to take dirty money and put it to good use. it's a risky game to play, and you have to be very clear to yourself on what you're trying to accomplish, but I think of it this way: if you play it right and use it to further your own cause, without allowing yourself to be corrupted, you'll eventually lose that source of funding, *but* you'll have got some funding to advance your cause for some time, so you're better off, and you've deprived the corrupting forces (presumably your opponent) from some money in the process. if you don't accept it, they'll put it to use elsewhere, and whoever takes it may not have so much integrity as you do. anyone who doesn't trust their own ability to resist corruption would probably be better off thinking twice before playing this game.
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