Keep screeching!

Also, how about we start funding and building Small Tech, not Big Tech, so our only political agency in the future isn’t as glorified howler monkeys shout-begging man-child CEO-kings to “please, sirs, be kind.”

@Aral Balkan And how about we say that spying on people is illegal¹, and any product that does so, whether it's software or hardware is illegal to sell and distribute within our country/region? That would pretty much solve the issue, wouldn't it?

¹: I think it is already, but somehow the politicians haven't yet figured out that existing laws still apply even if you implement the crimes in software.
@Aral Balkan Exactly! The problem as I see it is that the surveillancetech-lobby has been successfull in telling the politicians that their businesses can't be regulated "because technology." Which as you have pointed out many times is bullshit. (Thanks for being vocal about it, btw!)

So I think the "(Apple|Facebook|Google|...) has to change their ways" posts get it the wrong way. We have to work on our politicians, not give these companies the power to decide on their own.

Not that we should stop screeching, just perhaps direct the screetching to where it can make more of a difference.

@harald I hear you. And I have tried (spoke twice at the EU parliament, met with MEPs, etc.) The problem is, it’s a drop in the ocean when compared to lobbyists. Folks from Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc., have places just up the road from the parliament and spend their evenings drinking in their favourite pubs together (been there, had the hangovers). They spend millions to “talk” to them. And every so often one of us will be brought in for a few minutes for “balance.”

@harald So, yes, we must absolutely keep pressure on politicians, etc., but I’ve come to the conclusion that at least my own time is best spent building an alternative that doesn’t require permission from anyone to exist and that can make a difference. We still need the policymakers, though, because the last thing you want is for that alternative to be deemed illegal. But we’ll cross that bridge when and if we get to it. The assaults on end-to-end encryption are hugely worrisome in that regard.

@Aral Balkan I know, and again thank you! You are at least doing something. It may be a drop in the ocean, but that's infinetly more than nothing!

I watched your (latest?) appearance in the EU Parliament live (on video), and it was beautiful!

@harald Thank you. I do firmly believe that anything any of us does, no matter how small – and maybe, sometimes, especially because it’s small ;) – matters. Here’s to chipping away at the problem together :)


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