Being a pirate in 2021: waaah, we can’t get Disney+ in our country!

How the mighty have fallen.



But why am I surprised? It’s not like the pirates didn’t first invite me to speak at the European Parliament and then, when they learned what I was going to say, tried to censor me.

(Hint: they failed and the result is below.)

@aral do you feel they are less or more confused?

Will there agenders shift, which way is the open/closed balance shifting in the EU

@witchescauldron I have no idea. I’m basing my efforts where I can have the most impact: in creating an alternative. Which would be easier if I didn’t find myself an endless array of yaks :)

@aral - Very impressive speech, so good aral. Really inspiring. You get into so many things that are never seen or heard via mainstream media, which is sad.

@cedric You’re welcome, Cedric. Sadly, I believe it fell on deaf ears.

@aral This was absolute fire Aral! Got me charged up.

“What is this, the Ferengi Alliance or the European Union??” 😂😂😂

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