Proposal to name the variants in Africa after pharmaceutical companies that won’t waive their vaccine patents.

@aral proposal to do away with patents themselves

@mvgorcum @aral @meeper they were a well intentioned idea but they are clearly no longer working as intended; better off without them

you do know that eg Sierra Leone, Malawi and Uganda burned and gave away massive amounts of vaccine because the people dont want to get vaccinated? There is a big communication problem. They cant find enough people even for the small amounts of vaccine they received. Patents are a problem but not in this case.

yes the continent gets to little vaccines but at the moment there is a problem to get the people vaccinated and it is not to the amount of vaccines or patents, at the moment.

you can easily find the provided info by yourself. Try BBC, Washington Post, Economist, Politico ...
What you do with the information is on you. I just said, right now even the too little amount of vaccines is more than is put to use. Thats all.

@otherpaco I’m not denying that vaccine hesitancy is a real problem. But these two issues are not mutually exclusive. You can waive vaccine patents and attempt to tackle disinformation (and years of rightly garnered colonial mistrust) at the same time.

But even without patents there are very little places that can produce the vaccine.
And when I see India, even production in your own country does not solve the problem. It is complex, multi-causal and yes history, namely colonialism, is part of the problem.

or Kongo received 1.7 million in march, gave away 1.3 million till last month they used approx. 100k the rest is going to be burned (300k).
Malawi, South Sidan, Liberia, Mauretania, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Comoros are burning vaccines, too.
Part of the truth is some of the delivered vaccines were close to their expiration date

@aral Oh, then we can fight Pfizer with Pfizer?


@aral Save this joke for just before the Sigma variant emerges.

@zens @aral Don’t think it exists yet. But Sigma is the name of a pharmaceutical company as well as a Greek letter. That’s the whole joke.

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