“I will herein refer to Ray-Ban Stories as “Facebook glasses,” … The words “Facebook” and “glasses” are making the hair on the back of your neck stand up, right? The phrase “secret spy camera glasses” is making your heart race. The phrase “and it’s made by FACEBOOK!” makes you emit a blood-curdling scream. Knowing that Facebook is discussing building facial recognition into these things curdles the stomach.”

Can we please outlaw these in the EU?

@aral Even though I'm optimistic about life it seems to me that we are moving towards the dystopian worlds depicted in sci-fi movies...hi-tech surveillance all over, digitised life, environmental disaster, big techs and so on...damn...I hope we don't end up food for others as in Soylent Green :ac_shock:

@aral I can't image how they could work without breaking current GDPR law, so my guess would be that they're already outlawed in the EU.

@aral Actually, I'm wrong: the right to take pictures in public probably gives an exception to the GDPR limitation on collecting personal informatoin.

@jaranta @aral It is legal to use them in a domestic setting, so Facebook can just use that as an excuse and throw all responsibility on following laws onto the user, as they already do.

I was thinking about FB last night (couldn't sleep) and i just realised that their real goal has been clear from the beginning (having a book of faces).
And yes I feel all of that...

@aral I love this part:
Alex Himel, VP of AR at Facebook Reality Labs, informed me over a Zoom chat that taping over the LED light was a violation of the terms of service of the glasses, which prohibit tampering with the device."

2021, the year that your sunglasses will have terms of service.

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