The problem isn’t Google and Facebook: there will be asshole corporations that exist to fleece you for every fibre of your being for as long as we allow them to exist. The problem is that the people and institutions that should be protecting your rights are not doing their jobs: either because they’re clueless and inept or corrupt – paid by those very same corporations or full of folks hoping one day to work there (see lobbying, revolving doors, public-private partnerships, etc.)

That's why I became a Data Protection Officer myself and hope to make an impact. But still, day by day, I feel useless and unappreciated and nobody ever said "thank you, Thomas". The "dark side" did a great job as usual.

@tpheine Well, better late than never: thank you, Thomas :)


You're welcome! "Late" means 14 years ago ☺️ but then it was "only" against surveillance by authorities, now we have some more "opponents" 🙄

@tpheine You may want to prepare for being called names and accused of obstructing people's work. The data tycoons love it when people think data protection is the problem. Please stay strong and keep up the good work.

Thanks for the advice! I will be prepared. Hopefully

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