If you want any legitimacy in privacy whatsoever you must have ZERO tolerance for privacy-washers.

Do not associate with them. Do not be funded by them. Do not legitimise them in any way.

@aral Declaration through real actions? It's the way I see authenticity since I started playing with using cryptography. Good to see anyone else who see and feel this the same way.

@aral and do not post your content there. do not link to your content which you have just posted there. :blob_gnikniht:

@ruffni Twitter is a surveillance capitalist and what I call a ”people farmer”, they’re not a privacy washer. They’d be a privacy washer if, for example, they were called The Privacy Foundation and told people that Twitter was great for our privacy. And if the question is why I forward posts to Twitter, it’s so I can reach some of the 40,000 or so people who follow my account here. With caveats in my bio/elsewhere to make it clear it’s under protest & as a bridge to here.

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