“Came to a bar to have a nice beer, like any reasonable person would on a Friday. The waitress asked me to order through a QR code which would take my order only if I have a Gmail account. I left and found another bar because: I don’t want to have a beer through my Gmail. Jesus fucking Christ.” – Vjosa Musliu

I would have done the same.
gmail and googlemail are blocked on my mail servers.

@aral world needs a FOSS federated beer ordering service.

@aral @cos Here's a better idea: Have your government give you certified wealth tokens in the form of metal or paper, let's call them "cash", and then you can go to a bar and exchange this "cash" for beer.

@kakure @aral radical thinking. I've seen those being used in old movies.

@atalsta @aral not really surprising considering how forceful some establishments are about customers "having their app" for that 5% discount or whatnot (only available on apple and google stores, ofc). What's terrifying is how easily people just shrug and go, yeah, I guess that's how it is now.

@aral It is extraordinary to be considered abnormal when you don't have and don't want a Google account.
And to think that at one time the moron who created a Google account for my wife and in-laws was me. Trying to dissuade them from using it today is an uphill battle.

@kriom I wouldn’t blame yourself too much. They fooled many of us that the start. We’re as much the victims here as anyone else. The blame lies solely with them.

It's worse here since the virus; most pubs and restaurants require you to install their app before you can order anything!

@aral gah, I never really thought about how those QR Codes are giving me a cookie along with my meal/drink ... I feel like I got sucker punched.

@edsu @aral

someone is clearly marketing these services to the restaurants, I suspect alongside the cloud based EPOS systems they use to process their orders..

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