Started thinking about an old friend that died many years ago. Daniel was into extreme sports, did everything that's dangerous. He died when he slipped in his shower at home. It's weird why he popped up in my brain right this instance, and it's also nice to know that memories stick even when we're not here anymore.

@aral thanks. Hope you're good! (I'm alright, it wasn't a depressed toot :-))

@peter It wasn鈥檛 a depressed hug either :) I鈥檓 good. Just trying to find a new place to rent in Ireland and slowly losing the will to live but otherwise fine.

It鈥檚 been too long (again) :)

@peter Terrible at the moment. There was an article recently that there were ~700 homes available for rent nationwide. The so-called 鈥渉ousing crisis鈥 in full bloom. Wasn鈥檛 like this three years ago. We鈥檙e actually looking all over the country.

@peter * so-called 鈥渉ousing crisis鈥 = capitalism crisis

@aral it's not a crisis for capitalism, it's great days for them when they can argue for getting rid of rent control etc..
hope you can find something! it's ridiculous in a civilised society that people need to spend energy and time on finding the most basic needs.

@peter Indeed, my bad. It鈥檚 a crisis for humanity, capitalism is doing fine :)

And, yeah, I hear you + thanks :)

@aral @peter Same in NL, they stopped building houses 10 years ago. Now they see prices going up 17% per year. Yet another crisis, we need anti-crisis.

@peter @aral

screwing people in their basic needs like in housing is the most obnoxious form of Capitalism
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