@aral had me worried there for a while, my friend.

anything i can help with?

@zleap Thanks, Paul :) Going to sleep easy tonight I think :)

@ChiaChatter Thank you. It’s in a new town so it is quite exciting. Looking forward to discovering it :)

@peter Haha, yes. Although in a different town which looks lovely – can’t wait explore. And we’ll have space so you guys are always welcome :)

@oilipheist @peter Haha, yes. We’re moving to Kilkenny and we fell in love with it the moment we saw it :)

@gert @peter Thanks. It was never our intention to leave :)

moving is a big job, hopefully you have friends who will help

@otso Yeah, I think we’ll be leaving it to a professional this time :)

may you and laura live a happy and free life in your gnu place :-)

@lxo Thanks :) (Well, until this landlord decides to sell or until we can afford to buy our own place, at least.)

@ff0000 Thanks! Achievement unlocked: still not homeless under capitalism. Yay.

@aral which becomes more and more of an achievement instead of a basic human right.

@aral Congratulations to all of y’all 😃 🏡

I’m sorry it was so difficult.

@brian Thanks, Brian. We only had to move counties. And we’re lucky because we can afford to pay through the nose for a nice place and found a landlord to deal directly with. Isn’t capitalism fun?

@aral Well, how else are we supposed to afford all the tax breaks we EU citizens give to global tech conglomerates? Poor Jeffy can only get an erection in zero-G 🚀

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