On the "Mozilla" subject. Let's face it, we don't have a mature and truly open browser nowadays. Despite the fact that Mozilla exist as foundation they're on the quest for revenue. And this is the main problem.
We need an open browser which is not driven by revenue, backed by foundation, and truly Open Source. And it must be just a browser, no bloatware, no tracking, no commercialization at all.
The web is a public place and we need a browser for public.

#mozilla #browser #opensource


@lig This.

One small clarification: Mozilla is two legal entities: a foundation (Mozilla Foundation) and a half-billion-dollar/year (nearly all of that money from Google and other surveillance capitalists) corporation (Mozilla Corporation) whose CEO makes over $3M/year.

But yes, if we want a true alternative, we need a publicly-funded independent org to make a browser for the public good.

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