Q. Aral, what alternative would you recommend to this capitalist product that should really be a public tool for the common good?

A. A post-capitalist one that’s a public tool for the common good. There isn’t one? Then maybe we should fund an independent organisation from the public purse and task it with building it.

@aral nice but can you tell us any such organization so we can be a part of it?

Good question. As a "common citizen" I want to do something but I am not sure how to start. For now I feel I could only donate to FOSS projects (did it several times this year).

@aral Or we use revenue from GDPR fines and taxation on social media companies to help fund the fediverse.

@aral It's not helpful when Big Tech has all these politicians in their pocket.. Perhaps crowd funding would help a little bit.

@gert @aral I think crowdfunding would totally be sufficient *if* we solved a critical subset of the underlying coordination problems, e.g. agreed on *the* Twitter/Facebook/Amazon alternative project to fund

@gert @aral community leaders agreeing on a recommendation seems like a reasonable way to bootstrap consensus. Then we "only" need a platform to point people to the consensus alternative.

@flancian @gert If only there was a way all of us could put some of the money we make somewhere so it could be used to crowdfund stuff like this… maybe we could call it… I don’t know… faxes? Paxes? Taxes! That’s it, let’s call it taxes ;)

@aral @gert haha, of course. but do we want individual nation states running social networks and other internet platforms? and where do I pay taxes for global services?

@aral completely agree, we've been experimenting with this while we find a better one to support instead. I'd be interested in maintaining an index of organizations with this intent if one doesn't exist yet -- do you know of one?

@agora [[fedstoa]] [[Flancia Collective]] for reference

@aral @agora essentially I started an Agora as a tool to build a post-capitalist future with a like-minded group

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